Green Freight: Delivered GrEAn

A sensible approach to Green Freight

Green Freight is no longer a luxury. It’s essential.

Green Freight is how we approach the idea of logistics as a whole. We have developed a program that first reduces CO2e where feasible, and for the remaining unavoidable emissions, we plant trees to absorb the remaining CO2e and convert it to O2 over time, which is the idea behind Carbon Neutral Freight.  Called Delivered GrEAn, our approach is customized to client emissions activities within the logistics & supply chain functions of their business.

Green Freight shipping is an essential approach to fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility goals of better efficiency and supply chain carbon reduction. At EA, we understand the carbon-intensity of logistics activities have consequences for humans and all living things.

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Carbon Neutral

We need to slow Climate Change while continuing to grow global economic development. CSR goals can include freight transport emissions. We can help.

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Delivered GrEAn Benefits


We use bio-diesel in our company fleet and encourage bio-diesel use from our vendors.


We can arrange recycling & end-of-life solutions for old displays and other equipment/products.


We are a proud participant in the EPA’s SmartWay logistics program recognizing us as an eco-friendly shipping company.


We require no-idle at our facilities and from our drivers. We also enforce drive speed rules to reduce consumption.

Carbon Neutral

We find ways to reduce freight CO2 emissions by reducing freight trips (which also saves you money) — so together we become a carbon neutral shipping company. Want to know how much CO2 your shipment emits?


We estimate your shipment’s CO2 emissions and will provide you with carbon offsets that fund reforestation projects. This creates Carbon Neutral Freight®. The offset is then titled in your company’s name.


We retrofit our cross dock with motion-sensing, high efficiency T-5 lighting to reduce energy consumption. Our office area uses motion-sensing volumetric T-8 lighting.


Sustainability is an important factor in our purchasing decisions – from promotional items to equipment to office furnishings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Transportation is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Trucks alone account for an estimated 346 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year, contributing to global warming. The chart below demonstrates a few everyday scenarios and the emissions created.

carbon offset table

One metric ton = 2,200 lbs.

The idea behind a carbon offset is the concept of carbon neutrality. An offset is like a donation that is used to fund carbon-reducing projects like reforestation. Reforestation is important because trees absorb CO2 throughout their lifecycle. Our offsets are third-party verified Therefore, if we plant trees in protected forests that can absorb the CO2 we emit, in time we will “neutralize” the CO2 we are responsible for.

Freight is one area where technology does not yet exist to achieve zero emissions. And freight transport is a necessary and vital part of human activity.

It is only appropriate to use an offset when you have done all you can do to first reduce emissions. It is irresponsible to avoid the “reduce first” part of the concept and then just “buy off” the harm from CO2.

Look around. Green is everywhere in business. Businesses that respond quickly are experiencing a competitive advantage. After we purchase the offset, you or your client will receive a receipt verifying the offset purchase, creating Carbon Neutral Freight®.

The Delivered GrEAn® Program:

  • Helps you differentiate your business from your competition;
  • Helps achieve CO2 reduction/mitigation targets for you or your clients
  • Helps you win clients by aligning with their management’s green initiatives;
  • Demonstrates your company’s responsiveness to client-driven trends
  • Gives your client a potent reminder of your environmental responsibility each time you ship

Because this program can be transaction based, it gives you a powerful sales and marketing tool that reminds your customers of your environmental commitment every time you ship. Delivered GrEAnTM can be customized to your unique needs — whether it be for a single client’s use or incorporated into your shipping and sales programs.

Here are a few examples of ways Delivered GrEAn can be utilized:

  • A marketer rolling out a series of point-of-purchase displays can support their company’s internal CO2 reduction goals by having them Delivered GrEAnTM
  • printer using recycled paper and soy ink can take their green commitment a step further by having shipments Delivered GrEAnTM.
  • show service organizer, show management company or individual exhibitor can reduce their event footprint by having booths, accessories and materials Delivered GrEAnTM.
  • A consumer products company working for a retailer that has established vendor sustainability criteria can now meet their client’s expectations for green transportation.

This is a simple opt-in program that is available any time EA Logistics handles your freight. Contact or call 1.800.863.594 to discuss how this program can work for your business.

In addition to using emissions-reducing biodiesel in our company trucks, we work with our shippers to find ways to reduce freight trips. Whether it’s shipping larger orders less frequently, using our global network of warehouses to position assets closer to end-users, or finding a lower emissions mode (truck instead of air, for example) for a given shipment. When you give us a snapshot of your shipping activity we’ll find ways to shrink your carbon footprint and save money in the process.

This creates what we call Carbon Neutral Freight®.

The financial benefit of all of these CO2 reduction activities moves directly to your bottom line! It’s usually less expensive than the “traditional” solutions. We will work with you to find creative ways to reduce miles travelled and reduce costs on a per pound basis.

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Choosing a greener environmentally-friendly shipping company signals to your employees and clients that you take sustainability seriously.

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