State-of-the-Art Freight Shipping Technology

Cutting-Edge IT & Communication

Our IT systems integrate easily with your ERP & Shopping Cart.

Whether you use EA for our freight, warehousing or both, our systems connect easily with most platforms to give you and your customers the data they need quickly.

You have the ability to quote, book, and track shipments (including email status updates!). For warehousing, you can schedule pick, pack & ship with ease, along with monitoring inventory.

From implementation and training to execution, our systems keep it simple and logical.

HIDDEN COMMENT: There is a background photo in the column

HIDDEN COMMENT: There is a background photo in the column

Up-to-date Along the Journey

  • Complete TMS / WMS
  • Integration With Your ERP
  • EDI and API Web Services Supported
  • Real-time Quoting, Booking, Tracking, Inventory, Receiving & Shipping
  • Customizable to Your Needs
  • Smartphone & Desktop Solutions
  • Full Visibility/Reporting Across All Services
  • Integration with your ERP and Shopping Cart

Our Clients Are Talking

The human touch is our hallmark.

Whether you need to talk to a real human being live, or have an email exchange about a specific question or topic, our veteran support staff is responsive and always available with accurate and timely information. Some situations require creative solutions, and this is our strength.