Hint 1:
Use good pallets to reduce exposure to damage.

Pallets in poor repair lead to claims. Don’t use pallets that have broken slats or are falling apart, because the load can topple in transit or fall through the pallet deck. Protecting your shipment starts with the right handling tools for your shipment. (Tip: Don’t have good pallets on hand for your precious cargo? No problem – EA Logistics can provide them when the truck arrives.  Just ask!)

Hint 2:
If your shipment is scheduled to arrive after hours, make sure the driver has the cell phone of a contact at the shipment location.

This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. When the driver can connect with the consignee, you won’t have to be the go-between.  The more information we have about your shipment, the better.

Hint 3:
Check to make sure your company carries cargo insurance.

It’s important to know what is covered within your general business insurance as relates to cargo.  Even if you have coverage through your business insurance, EA Logistics gives you more options. Standard liability, Declared Value Coverage and Cargo Insurance provides you different levels of coverage in the rare event of loss or damage. Each type can be used on a case-by-case basis, or a blanket-type coverage can be created for certain items or across everything.  Call us for more details.

Hint 4:
To save money, when shipping multiple small packages to one location, consider freight carriers instead of the parcel carriers.

Instead of shipping and tracking five individual 40-pound boxes with a parcel carrier, EA Logistics can likely send one 200-pound shipment for a lower overall price.  Plus, the freight arrives at one time, not across multiple deliveries, so there is a convenience factor for your consignee.

Hint 5:
Good shrink wrap & banding is worth the effort.

Shrink wrap and banding are added protection shippers use to consolidate weight and protect cargo against different sorts of damage, and like good pallets, help ensure your shipment arrives in good condition.  Damage can happen for many reasons, and eliminating the risks is a way to achieve successful transport of goods to your clients.

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