Why use EA Logistics for your trade show booth shipments?


EA Logistics offers several advantages for trade show booth shipping due to their expertise in managing logistics within the specialized market of trade shows. Here are some reasons why EA Logistics is an ideal choice for trade show booth shipping:

  1. Local Knowledge and Regulations:
    EA Logistics knows the ropes at convention centers and hotels. Many carriers do not understand the nuances at marshaling yards and great relationships with General Contractors. EA has decades of experience and the relationships to ensure a smooth delivery to the show and recovery and transit either to the next show or back to home base.
  2. Faster Transit Times and Less Damage Risk:
    EA Logistics provides faster transit times and less handling than common carriers, resulting in faster time into destination and less exposure to risk for your all-important trade show booth
  3. Cost Efficiency:
    EA’s volumes to and from shows allow for economies of scale and our EA Network provides faster transit and less handling.
  4. Local Contacts and Partnerships:
    • EA Logistics has established relationships with local transportation providers, warehouses, and other logistics partners.
    • Leveraging these local contacts can result in smoother coordination, more reliable services, and better overall efficiency in the shipping process.
    • EA’s expertise minimizes risk of delays and ensuring that trade show booths reach the venue or Advance Receiving by established deadlines.
  5. Reliable Tracking and Communication:
    • EA Logistics provides more accurate and timely tracking information for exhibitors and exhibit builders. We keep you in-the-know and up-to-the-minute!
    • Improved communication and tracking capabilities enable exhibitors to stay informed about the status of their trade show booths, fostering greater peace of mind.