EA Logistics saves client six figures on international shipment

Cargo being loaded onto plane

International Air

When an aircraft equipment supplier needed to solve a potential Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation in Australia for a new client airline, it turned to EA Logistics’ International Team for a fast solution.

AOG situations are likely to prevent an aircraft from flying — and can quickly lead to substantial lost revenue for the airline.

Initially, our client scheduled a four-day door-to-door oversized crate shipment to Brisbane. Even though the crate could only fit on cargo aircraft, and flight departures were limited, this plan faced little risk and a fairly easy path to on-time delivery.

Then things changed — an installer had not realized the deadline was two days earlier. On a Sunday!

The client turned to EA logistics, suggesting a wide-body aircraft charter. But this would cost six figures!

EA Logistics immediately began exploring alternate Air Export solutions.

Within 20 minutes our warehouse team had pulled the crate from storage in an EA Logistics warehouse. An hour later, it was at the airport to meet a freighter flight bound for Sydney that afternoon. Working with our airline partner, we pulled strings to get the cargo on that flight.

The wild card was gaining rapid Australian Customs clearance. Our Australian agent at Sydney airport lent local know-how to make clearance happen quickly.

The agent also arranged an overnight 500-mile line-haul transfer to Brisbane where the AOG aircraft was stranded.

Combined, our International team, our airline, and our local partner were able to complete a critical shipment on-time, exceeding customer expectations, saving them money, and avoiding an extended AOG disaster for our client’s new customer.

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