1. Ship over the weekend. Cargo from the United States to worldwide destinations that is picked up on Thursday generally ships faster than if picked up on Monday due to greater weekend flight options.
  2. Consider shipping as loose pieces. You can reduce dimensional weight charges in some instances.
  3. Heat-treated wood requirements: for pallets and crates, delays and fines can be prevented when the shipper adheres to the ISPM-15 regulations regarding heat-treated wood. Your pallet/crate provider will know what to do when you ask.
  4. Importing from Canada? C-TPAT certified vendors will speed the import process for you.
  5. Export Power of Attorney or SLI? An Export Power of Attorney provides EA Logistics with a blanket approval to file with the Automated Export System (AES) on a customer’s behalf. This simplifies the process for you because we do the work. The AES is a US Government mandated procedure. The SLI is more cumbersome and is required for each shipment. The SLI cannot be completed by the forwarder.