Projects can be more complex than just “moving freight.” EA Logistics can help.

Logistical puzzles are solved with four core elements – people, processes, equipment and facilities. When you break down the puzzle into those four parts, the solutions can become clear.

We are often asked by our clients to step outside our usual freight forwarding function to create solutions. For example, EA is often asked to manage a client’s assets in the field – combining down line warehouses, people, trucks, and our TMS/WMS systems providing complete transportation functionality, up-to-the-minute inventory levels and site-specific information for the client.

The success of our solutions is always dependent on close consultation with the client to determine objectives and avoid pain points. Often, clients have a vision of what the results should look like, but they need a little help in the creation of the logistical processes to get to the best result; and they need a vendor to take ownership of the outcome with a logistics plan and execution to that plan.

This is where EA comes in. We take the time to understand your business and your unique objectives. Then we find solutions to achieve your desired outcome using our 40 years of experience. When you couple our capabilities around the USA and world with our real-world expertise and world-class systems, the outcome is predictable: success, every time!