EA’s LTL expertise improves service and cuts costs!

EA Logistics Trucks

North American LTL

A distributor needed a creative solution to reduce expense and improve speed for their LTL traffic. New competition was squeezing the distributor and they needed help to reduce costs and improve delivery times to customers.

Enter EA Logistics.

The challenge was that distributor’s traditional model of carrier-direct contracting no longer made financial sense. In response, EA Logistics provided a single-source solution that cut costs and got the goods to market more quickly.

Carriers were optimized against time-to-market, claims ratio, freight class and volumes. Some traffic made cost and service sense through our lower-cost forwarder network. The client was also able to use EA software to uncover additional savings in automated tender and data management processes. Pickups were reduced and additional savings were realized across their shipping activities.

Happy client = Happy EA Logistics.

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