reduce freight damage

Here are some helpful & common-sense tips to reduce exposure to damage on your shipments :

Tip 1:
Make sure the pallet exceeds the dimensions of the goods by an inch in all directions.

Tip 2:
Use a structurally sound pallet – don’t cheap it!

Tip 3:
Be sure packaging surrounding the product is of good quality.

Tip 4:
Be sure a reusable crate is still tightly assembled and roadworthy.

Tip 5:
If it’s fragile, say so on the Bill of Lading, not just on the freight.

Tip 6:
Give EA Logistics advance notice about a particularly sensitive shipment.

Above – good shrink wrap, cone, pallet exceeds box dimensions. Freight damage very unlikely.


Pallet exceeds box dimensions. Box appears sufficient if there’s a buffer between box and contents.  But it’s not banded to the pallet and could shift in transit.  Moderate freight damage risk.


verticals residential
Above is no packaging, top heavy, item exceeds pallet dimensions – damage very likely if shipped LTL. Dedicated truck is the only safe way to transport this unusual item.