Urgent parts delivered on time despite massive winter storm

Plane on the ground in the snow

Domestic Air & Hotshot

When a small manufacturer of parts in Salt Lake City had a controller on their assembly line go out of service, a replacement module was needed — pronto! The cost of downtime was thousands of dollars each hour, and every moment counted.

Unfortunately, the local distributor did not have a replacement in stock. So EA Logistics was called upon to same-day ship a module from Vermont. With few flight schedules and only very small aircraft at nearby airports, EA ran an exclusive hotshot truck to Boston Logan to meet the last flight scheduled to depart for Salt Lake City that evening.

As the truck approached the airport, a winter storm suddenly grew in intensity and threatened to shut down the airport, leaving the part stranded until flights resumed. No-one knew if the departure would be the following day. Regardless, it was much too late for our client in Salt Lake City.

As a Nor’easter grew in intensity, EA Logistics made the decision to divert the hotshot to New York, where the weather was less of a threat.

The flight made it and the cargo delivered on arrival to the customer that evening. They resumed production bright and early the next day.

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